Water Feature Construction

The premise for water feature construction is simple, but the actual execution is another thing.  In order to
have proper flow of water, the water feature has to be level.  To prevent overflow of water  into the
surrounding areas it's important to have an overflow pipe that preferably ties into an existing drain line.  
Depth of the reservoir and water refill are critical if you are to keep the feature running for many hours.

Below are pictures of a water feature that consisted of all the elements listed above and then some.  
Because the pot was porous, it had to be painted on the inside with a product called Dri-Lock.  Two coats of
that sealed it very well.  A check valve was installed to maintain an extra 6-7 gallons of water within the pot
when the feature is off and an atrium grate was eventually installed to "slow down" the water flow and to
reduce spillage.  Additionally, a timer was installed for starting and stopping the pump and another timer
runs a valve to refill the reservoir twice a day.
Reservoir with rubber liner
installed and a 2 inch
overflow pipe to prevent
flooding of the area.
Above is the reservoir with the
support grate for the pot with pump
hose coming out.  That will
connect to the base of the pot as
seen on the left.
A secondary screen was placed on
the support grate to prevent
pebbles from getting into the
reservoir.  Now flagstone is being
cut and fitted around the pot.  
Approximately 100lbs. of rock was
placed at the bottom of the pot to
stabilize it.
The Finished Product & Final Touches
The Courtyard Six Months Later...........
Above, Jaime is cleaning out debris from
the pond.  Already there are water striders
living in the pond.  On the right, Akemi and
Jaime are looking for the new baby goldfish
we had in the summer of 2008!
The transformation was very
dramatic and the resulting
change in the area was
This is how the courtyard
looked before.....
A closeup of an echeveria in the garden.