About Our
After working in graphic arts for a number of years, Anita McCarty decided
to switch careers and began working at
Orchard Nursery of Lafayette for
"Green Industry" experience.  After developing a strong horticultural
background, she then began a small gardening maintenance business in
1995.  As this business grew and with the advent of working on a few large
gardens, the emphasis of the work changed to focus on estate gardens.

Today we enjoy working at many different and wonderful gardens doing all
types of tasks and we are always happy to have the opportunity to maintain,
renovate or install new gardens for our clients.
 Akemi Taniguchi is a retired
R.N. and a business partner with Anita doing accounting, management
planning and also works in the field as a supervisor in maintenance.  

We are pleased to have working along with us Jaime Gálvez and Ignacio
.   Jaime has a drainage background and has worked with us for 8
yrs.   Ignacio has extensive experience in irrigation and has been in
gardening and landscaping for many years.

Together we are a strong team and we hope we will hear from you about
your gardening needs.  Please go to the "
Contact Us" page to send us an
e-mail regarding what you would like to do with your garden.  Take a look at
our "
Portfolio" page to see the types of work we do.
About Us
Visiting botanical gardens & local nurseries.
Ignacio putting finishing touches on a raised
planter box.