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The same garden can have two
different presentations in winter
and spring.
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Symmetry is an
important element
in formal gardens.
 Interested in working as an estate gardener?
We do look for individuals that are dedicated to learning and working in a team atmosphere.  We require that
you be able to follow instructions and pay attention to detail as we hand cut many plant materials to keep
them looking natural.  You must also be physically fit and capable of lifting at least 50 lbs. and be prepared
to start work everyday at 7 a.m.  You don't have to know the names of all the plants, but it's important that
you be earnest and sincere in your efforts.

You can send a resumé for consideration to:    

Please be sure to include your previous work history and education with dates to indicate length of time you
were employed or in school.  A contact phone number and address is helpful too if we are to send a job