A cactus garden is ideal for our area even though
we get cold in winter!
Opuntia violaceae.....the paddles are a
soft blue-green with just a tinge of
magenta all of which is relevant to the
temperature outside.
Trichocereus in bloom.  The
flowers have an outstanding
Cereus peruvianus setting
buds to bloom at night.
We used roughly 6000 lbs. of sandstone to create
this walkway.
This is what the path looks like with just base rock
after compaction.  Sand was laid after this layer.
This is how things appeared before any ground
breaking was done.
The pieces as they are........
assembly required!
Boulders delivered.....all
5000 lbs.!
Setting the edge for the path with Napa
Basalt stones.
Close up of the pathway.  All sandstone was
scored         before breaking for natural appearing
The finished garden.
An Old Garden Reborn
    (The Garden of John Marchant)
John already had an idea on what he wanted to do with his garden, but needed help to make it happen.  Little by
little, we constructed the garden he wanted putting in an irrigation system, installing a lawn with a flagstone patio,
bender board, doing some serious crane work and much more.  The final result was a marvelous transformation!  
These 5 pictures are BEFORE
we did any work in the garden.
These  7 pictures are
the AFTER shots.