Services We Provide
Whether it be discussing maintenance of your existing landscape, renovation of
what you already have or a completely new installation, we are interested in
hearing what you would like to see in your garden.

Maintaining your garden includes:
Fertilization of all plant material.
The appropriate trimming, pruning and shaping of shrubs and perennials.
Installation or replacement plant material and seasonal bedding color.
Yearly inspection of your irrigation system with seasonal adjustments and
much more!
Renovation:  Usually, this requires that we work within the current context of your
garden without starting over completely.  Sometimes a planting bed
just needs to be freshened up with some new plant material or you
would like to add some new major elements (i.e. water feature, stone

New Installation:  If we're starting from the beginning, then we will consult
with you about what type of garden you would like to have.  If a plan drawing
is necessary, we can provide one.  Once a common platform is                                      
developed, we will proceed accordingly with all that is involved with a
new garden installation.
Vegetable gardening is also a part
of the services we offer.  There is
nothing like your own home grown
vegetables to serve with your meals.

If you are interested in heirloom
tomatoes, we have grown some of
the biggest from seed!
Broccoli, lettuce & sweet peas.
Contact us regarding your specific needs.
Several years ago we completed this garden in Walnut Creek and just
recently we returned to do a maintenance tune-up.  The goal was to
create a woodland setting in this backyard.  It looks as though we have
achieved it.....
Irrigation & Drainage Work:  Taking care of irrigation and drainage is part of
the package in caring for a large garden.  We have installed many types of irrigation
systems including satellite controlled irrigation networks that can be adjusted and
programmed from a home computer.